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Instrumentation & Monitoring Services



Services provided by Epsimon include specification, design, procurement, supply, installation and operation of fibre optic sensing hardware and software for infrastructure monitoring systems. We have extensive experience in the application of fibre Bragg grating (FBG), distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) and distributed temperature sensing (DTS). These unobtrusive and robust sensors can be used to measure strain and temperature over large areas or long distances.
At Epsimon, we combine our in-depth knowledge of monitoring technologies with expertise in civil, structural, geotechnical and soil engineering, in order to provide the right solutions to the most demanding asset monitoring problems. This includes engineering interpretation of monitoring data.


Example Applications

Design & Supply

Design & SupplyDesign and supply
of monitoring system


  • Evaluation of client’s requirements and assessment of expected asset structural behaviour, working in conjunction with the client’s consultant and / or contractor.
  • Selection of the most appropriate sensing technology and specification of the sensing system to be implemented.
  • Design of monitoring systems including characterisation and calibration of bespoke fibre optic cables and sensors.
  • Procurement of monitoring system hardware, including fibre optic sensors, spectrum analysers and interrogators.



maintenanceInstallation, commissioning
and maintenance


  • System installation by our specialist team and / or training and support for installation by the client’s engineers.
  • Testing of monitoring system integrity during and after installation.
  • Commissioning of monitoring system including system documentation.
  • Long term maintenance and remote management of monitoring system.



Data Processing

MonitoringMonitoring services, data processing
and management

  • Configuration and set up of data acquisition system.
  • Set up of communication and remote access to the monitoring system.
  • Development of bespoke proprietary software for near real time data processing and dashboard visualisation.
  • Development of traffic light warning and alarm trigger levels according to the client’s requirements.
  • Long term management of monitoring system.





  • Data analysis and interpretation.
  • Geotechnical or structural analysis of asset performance.